Communications is the pulse of your business.

Say hello to staying connected without a desktop phone.

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Tens of millions of softphone clients deployed with thousands of customers.

Credit Suisse

The leading softphone system that integrates disparate technologies to create seamless communication.

Connect Anywhere, On Any Device, With Any Platform

Flexible | Scalable | Interoperable | Team Communications

This is a softphone for everyone, from a super user, to someone who may just need to make the occasional phone call when away from the office. We highly recommend Bria as a softphone."

-ONSIP February 2017

Communications for the Modern Workforce

Take control of your mission critical business communications. Provision employees using different networks, call server platforms and devices to ensure a more fluid business pulse.

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Voice and Video Messaging Meetings

Enable team communications with enriching experiences they enjoy, with an infrastructure you already have in place.

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Embedded Communications Experiences

Deliver immersive communication experiences using developers you already have with a leading industry leading SDK.

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Try X-Lite for FREE - and try our most popular features of Bria!

Combining voice and video calls in a user-friendly interface, CounterPath's X-Lite helps you seamlessly transition from a traditional phone environment into the world of Voice over IP.